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Savings Accounts

Regular Savings Account

This account is your "key" to Credit Union Membership. A nominal deposit of $5.00 entitles you to all the benefits and services provided by NHCCU. In addition, our Regular Savings Account provides:

  • Unlimited deposits and withdrawals, in person, by mail or by ATM
  • Dividends calculated using the average daily balance method
  • Transfers within your account using M.A.T.T. (Member Access Touchtone Teller).

Christmas Club Account

Prepare for the holidays by saving in a special fund regularly throughout the year. You'll earn regular savings rates...And in October, the balance is automatically transferred to your NHCCU checking or savings account, just in time for holiday shopping. 

Vacation Club Account

Looking for the best way to save year-round for those vacations you so deserve? Look no further - NHCCU offers a vacation club service. Simply check the box entitled "Vacation Club" on your membership application and return it to us. We'll set up a separate savings account for you to help you save for that special trip. Withdrawals are permitted only once per calendar quarter. Please "click here" for rates and early withdrawal penalties.

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