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Checking Accounts

Money Market Account

Are you looking for a higher rate of return than a savings account, but would like to keep your money fairly liquid? Then a Money Market Savings Account is just right for you? Minimum balance requirement to earn a dividend is $2,500.

Checking Account

If your checking account still charges you monthly fees or requires a minimum balance, it's time to make the switch! NHCCU's checking is convenient, practical, and easy-to use.

  • No monthly fees or service charges
  • No per-check fees
  • No minimum balance required
  • ATM access at thousands of locations throughout the country
  • ATM and Point of Sale Access
  • Visa Check Card
  • M.A.T.T. (Member access Touchtone Teller) 24 hour telephone audio response system
  • Up to $2,500 of credit line of protection, credit application required.

Visa Check Card

Get the convenience of paying by check without actually writing one. Use NHCCU'S Visa Check Card to make your purchases at any participating Visa merchant, offering the convenience of an ATM card and a checkbook. Just look how perfectly its suits your busy life..

  • Use your Visa Check Card wherever Visa is accepted-at millions of stores, retailers and restaurants worldwide
  • Eliminate the time consuming process of check writing
  • The transactions is directly deducted from your checking account and will appear on your monthly NHCCU statement
  • Taking the Visa Check Card is safer than carrying cash, and much less hassle than toting a checkbook
  • Photo versions of the Visa Check Card are now available. Have the added security of your photo and signature printed right on the front of the card
  • This easy, convenient service is available free to all NHCCU members who have a checking account.

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